Individually as
a fingerprint

Every fingerprint is unique. The lines of a finger exist only once in the world.

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Services - relocation consulting & forwarding


In the process of relocation consulting, we personally take care of all aspects of your relocation. No matter whether it is a private move, relocations for executives, diplomats and expats, your relocation, whether big or small, is of great importance to us.

We are aware of the fact that it is often necessary to change the location several times in order to be able to continue to work on the job. We choose the best transport for you, whether by truck, ship or airfreight.

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Services - transport insurance

Be on
the safe side!

Did you know that there is a legal liability limit for hauliers? Valuable objects, such as antique vases, often exceed these quickly. We recommend the appropriate transport insurance – the premium depends on the value of your goods to be moved.

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About us

People First

We take care of your individual needs of your relocation project and organize the complete relocation for you.

We work exclusively with certified relocation specialists worldwide and are members of a global network of accredited and certified logistics and transport companies.



We want to ensure that you arrive with a confident feeling at your new location.

Therefore, we guarantee the highest standards of quality in the areas of resettlement services and transport.