What if something breaks during the move?

With us, you are on the safe side through a suitable insurance bundle.

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Transport insurance

The insurance covers transport from A to B by road, plane or ship. A loader collision is the worst-case scenario. Unimaginable, if you were to lose your entire household through a shipwreck. For this reason, we are happy to advise you in advance of the best insurance option, namely the coverage of the replacement value at the destination.

Liability insurance

Damages to non-transported goods are insured. A scratch on the floor, a chipped wall or a bent entrance gate. Even personal injury is insured with this insurance up to a damage amount of EUR 1,000,000.00.

Forwarding insurance

Insured are damages caused by our fault, such as e.g. by improper packaging or dropping. For this type of damage you are insured with us up to EUR 100,000.00.

In case of express waiver of insurance
According to the law, furniture forwarders are liable for damage to the removal goods caused by them up to a maximum of EUR 620 per cubic meter of transport volume. In the case of valuable items, the freight carrier’s liability limit is quickly exceeded and the insurance only replaces the value of the used item at the time of the damage. Depending on the value of your goods to be moved, we always recommend a suitable insurance package.

You want to pack yourself?
A further point is frequently overlooked in the dispute over the removal of the goods which have been broken: the freight forwarder is only liable for items that have been packed by his employees. If the customer has packed his expensive dishes or his valuables himself and they get damaged, it is not possible to make the freight forwarder accountable.

Your relocation consultant will be happy to inform and advise you, according to your interests and needs – because we are not insurance brokers!